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Our Work

Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo

Non-governmental organisation

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Humanitarian Law Center

Raising activity awareness

The Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo (HLCK) is more than just your average non-profit organization - it's a superhero in disguise, working tirelessly to bring the rule of law and justice to Kosovo. And we, the trusty sidekicks, are here to help spread the word and give HLCK the visibility it deserves through a mix of paid and organic promotion.


Success in numbers

Increase in reach

Increase in follower growth


Diligent work breeds success.

These remarkable figures are a salute to the tireless efforts and commitment of our remarkable team. The successful outcome is a result of our well-crafted and strategic approach, which includes tailored messaging and visuals that struck a chord with the HLC target audience. Plus, our expert use of current social media trends and platforms allowed us to hit the mark with pinpoint precision.


The use of newsletters was a crucial component in the overall strategy for promoting the organisation (HLCK) on social media. By sending regular newsletters, HLCK was able to keep its followers engaged and informed about the latest updates, events, and initiatives. This helped build a strong community of followers and increase brand awareness for HLCK.

In addition to the content calendar, the newsletters also allowed for the testing of different ad creatives, targeting segments, and placements. This provided valuable insights into what messages and visuals resonated most with HLCK's target audience and allowed for continuous optimisation of the newsletter strategy.


The combination of a consistent content calendar and targeted newsletters helped drive the growth of HLCK's social media fan base and increase the visibility of the brand.

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