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Our work

The heart of the operation.

This is where the magic happens and the impossible becomes possible. From crafting compelling brand messages to delivering results-driven campaigns, we're the ultimate problem-solvers. It's like a museum of awesomeness and all the exhibits are our work.

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Dr. Hauschka

Content Strategy

We recently worked on a content strategy for Dr. Hauschka, giving their online presence a face-lift with a new content calendar and social media strategy. The results were a glowing success, with increased website traffic and engagement, and customers singing our praises.

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Yoga in Albanian Lands


We took a deep dive and developed the brand for the book "Yoga In Albanian Lands" by conducting research and creating a unique brand identity that spoke to the target audience. Our company's dedication to creating a cohesive and engaging package that would appeal to the target audience resulted in winning the GDUSA award in 2022 in the "Designing for social good category" , and we're pretty sure that's what you call a "namaste-worthy" achievement.

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Cacttus Education

Marketing Strategy

Looks like our marketing strategy was a real crowd-pleaser, resulting in a 60% increase in general admissions and 50% increase in training admissions. You could say we hit the bullseye by effectively targeting and engaging the right audience with relevant messaging and marketing techniques.



Content Strategy

Recently, we executed a comprehensive content strategy for Barista with the aim of enhancing their online presence. Our approach included the development of a robust content calendar and a refined social media strategy. The outcome was outstanding, with a significant increase in website traffic and engagement, and a positive reception from customers. The successful implementation of the strategy has further solidified our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.


Skill Factory

Branding & Strategy

We recently worked on a branding and marketing strategy for Skill Factory Academy, and let's just say it was an A+ opportunity to show off our expertise in branding, developing and executing a digital marketing campaign including brand name. 

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Heads & Tails Shop

A Marketing Strategy for Seamless Growth Across All Channels.

Lately, we've been making waves for Heads & Tails. We supercharged their content and social media game, resulting in not just a surge of website traffic and engagement, but also a deeper connection with their customers. Our omni-channel marketing approach has been a major factor in solidifying their reputation and driving continuous growth for the brand.



Social Media Management

Our collaboration with Sniffles Dog Spa exemplifies our teams commitment to delivering comprehensive social media management that nurtures brand identity, engages audiences, and drives tangible business growth. With a harmonious fusion of creativity, strategy, and analytics, we're proud to be the driving force behind Sniffles Dog Spa's exceptional online journey.


Dyqani Bio

Marketing Strategy

We recently had the opportunity to work on a marketing strategy for Dyqani Bio, a company that specialises in natural and organic products.

Through our efforts, we were able to create a strong and consistent brand image for Dyqani Bio, which helped to increase awareness and interest in the company's products.

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Kosovo Women's Network

Non-profit organisation based in Prishtina

In an earnest endeavor to raise awareness about the issue of sexual violence, we extended our support to a non-profit organisation based in Pristina. Our collaborative efforts based around enhancing the visibility of this critical concern and promoting widespread comprehension of the State Protocol for Handling Cases of Sexual Violence.

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Content Strategy

A key component of our strategy for Agroportal was the development of a new content calendar that was designed to keep their website fresh and engaging, by regularly publishing new and relevant content. Additionally, we also implemented a social media strategy that helped to increase their reach and engagement on various platforms. 



Social Media Management

In a remarkable transformation journey, we undertook a comprehensive effort to revamp our client's look and feel, resulting in astounding outcomes that significantly amplified their reach and engagement.

Understanding the critical role that visual aesthetics play in capturing the audience's attention, we embarked on a strategic overhaul of our client's branding elements.


VA Interior

Building brand visibility

VA Interior has been causing a stir lately, and we're not talking about just any old ripple. Our omni-channel marketing approach has given them a power-up, supercharging their content and social media presence and making waves in the process. The result? A surge in website traffic, a deeper connection with customers, and a solid reputation that's driving continuous growth for the brand. Basically, we're marketing superheroes, and VA Interior is one of our latest victory.

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Humanitarian Law Center

Raising activity awareness

The Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo (HLCK) is more than just your average non-profit organization - it's a superhero in disguise, working tirelessly to bring the rule of law and justice to Kosovo. And we, the trusty sidekicks, are here to help spread the word and give HLCK the visibility it deserves through a mix of paid and organic promotion.

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Fiona Silver Shop

Conversational Marketing

Fiona Silver is shining bright as a silver jewelry boutique, offering a dazzling selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

With a focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience, Fiona Silver wanted to ramp up their outreach efforts and provide interested shoppers with all the info they needed to make a purchase. To do this, they turned to the power of social media advertising, specifically Facebook and Instagram.

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Gagi Restaurant

Social Media Management

Our partnership with Gagi Restaurant showcases our unwavering dedication to providing holistic social media management solutions that cultivate brand identity, captivate audiences, and fuel concrete business expansion. Through the seamless integration of creativity, strategic acumen, and data-driven insights, we stand proudly at the helm of Gagi Restaurant remarkable online odyssey.

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Heads & Tails

Nurturing Stronger Bonds with Customers

Recently, we strengthened the relationship between Heads & Tails and their audience through a strategic content overhaul. Our new content calendar and social media strategy not only boosted website traffic and engagement, but also fostered a deeper connection with their customers, solidifying their positive reputation in the process.

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