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Kosovo Women's Network

Non-profit organization in Pristina

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Kosovo Women's Network

Non-profit organisation based in Prishtina

In an earnest endeavor to raise awareness about the issue of sexual violence, we extended our support to a non-profit organisation based in Pristina. Our collaborative efforts based around enhancing the visibility of this critical concern and promoting widespread comprehension of the State Protocol for Handling Cases of Sexual Violence.



Through the strategic fusion of poignant content and the captivating format of reels, our collaborative efforts sparked a profound wave of awareness across the digital landscape. These concise yet impactful visual narratives not only resonated with viewers but also acted as catalysts for change.


The reels acted as digital rallying points, compelling institutions to recalibrate their approaches, prompting individuals to find their voices and share their stories, and collectively rallying online communities to champion the cause of advocating for survivor rights. Moreover, this dynamic digital movement breathed new life into the mission of enforcing institutional responsibility, as the reels effectively conveyed the urgency and importance of holding institutions accountable for their response to cases of sexual violence.


Harnessing the power of visual storytelling, our collaboration with the Pristina-based non-profit organization bore fruit through impactful animations. By crafting compelling animated narratives, we breathed life into the intricate nuances of sexual violence awareness and the State Protocol for Handling Cases of Sexual Violence.


These animations became invaluable tools for educating institutions and the public alike, simplifying complex concepts and fostering a deeper understanding that galvanised widespread commitment to reporting sexual violence and enforcing institutional accountability.

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