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A blog to Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy for 2022

You should know the basics of social media marketing before jumping in.

This blog will cover everything you need to know to create an effective social media strategy for 2022.

Successful social media management and marketing strategies require organisations to continually update campaigns to reach current and prospective customers. Fueled by the rapid evolution of technology and changing customer dynamics, social media campaigns now need to focus not only on big-picture branding but more sophisticated messaging. A reshaped campaign will aim to include conversation management, data analysis, and orchestration of various platforms.

A new iOS security update is expected to have a big impact on how online marketers collect data, and companies are scrambling to create solutions. Among others, social media marketing research company Mass Relevance will be testing a software solution for iOS users who run applications in Safari.

Improve your social media strategies for 2022

The following list provides a quick overview of how the rapidly changing world of social media will affect you and your business in the years to come. From key trends to specific tools and practical tips, the detailed list covers everything you’ll need on the road ahead with social media marketing.

  • Social Media updates you need to know for 2022


  • Facebook’s Shop Ads - Shop Ads bases its targeting on already established shopping behaviour of your customers. As a result, your customers are more likely to actually see the products you push out––optimising engagement.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) dynamic ads - Support customers by providing a new way to shop and "try out" products virtually by using their phone where they can interact with your social media sites.


  • Audio feature for Reels - With the recent addition of an audio search bar, users can search for videos by song, adding further proof to the rising uptake and value of audio content in the digital marketing mix. Through this feature, users can type in a song title in the search bar, and view a 30-second sequence of all Reels that used the specific song searched for. They can also save trending musical hits for brand new content.

  • New display ads for Instagram Shopping - Whatever your social goals, whether you want to convert followers into buyers or start a conversation on a particular brand, we'll deliver highly effective variations of your ads, made specifically for your ideal customer.


  • Review event details for LIVE events and promotional features - Now you are able to promote your brand’s LIVE events through in-app messages and a video with a LIVE countdown sticker. Simply schedule the event via Calendar, then add a message for your viewers: “Join us on Tiktok for a special live event tomorrow” and publish. Any video you share as part of your campaign will be automatically made into a LIVE video event!

  • LIVE Q&As. - TikTok's Q&A feature lets all your viewers ask questions and communicate with you live. This means that you simply can't ignore it! By using this feature, you can directly connect to your audience and build deeper interaction.

  • Moderator feature. - Lets you moderate a LIVE event or assign moderators for a livestream before it starts. Moderators have access to features that will mute, block, and filter spam or abusive comments from users, so that you and your viewers only see relevant content.


  • Rereshed branding - The Twitter platform has undergone a number of changes. They now use the font style Chirp, and the app colours are high contrast and have a lighter blue colour. For the images, they now have full displays and they might even remove rounded borders on the uploaded photos in the future.


  • Paid Boost - Allows LinkedIn users to promote posts even more, especially the ones that are already receiving lots of engagement from audiences.

  • Event Ads - Promote livestream events through Custom Streaming, and find out the total engagement impact of your events through Event Analytics. LinkedIn’s Event Ads help you make event promotions using even highlights such as the registration link, date, and time of the events.

Social Media marketing tools you should have in 2022


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