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Branded Audio Content on the Rise

Audio content is more than just a trend. It's a part of a larger shift toward thoughtful marketing and customer experiences.

Audio content gives you more ways to connect with customers—at the right time and place, in the right format. It can open up new avenues to reach them and build deeper relationships, in part because it taps into their natural tendency to multitask.

Audio content is beginning to emerge from the shadows and become a real asset in the content marketing space. Brands are beginning to see the value of creating audio for listeners on smart speakers, podcasts and other ways to bring information to life through sound.


56% of American youth listened to podcasts monthly in 2021.

53% of the content marketers find audio content effective for brand awareness and engagement.

78% of Americans are acquainted with podcasting.

80% of professionals plan to invest in audio content in 2022.

What is audio content?

Audio content is material consumed by listening. Music, radio and podcasts are all forms of audio.

This is the best time to be an audio listener...You can turn on music in the morning, listen to your favourite podcast on the subway, and even tune into an interactive radio station from any device.

When creating an audio message, you can choose to use one of three methods:

  • Turning written text into the spoken word via NLP – natural language processing.

  • Recording your voice.

  • Recognising voice commands through technology.

Why is audio content important?

The ease at which people can interact with audio content is a big plus, as many of us grow tired of the more visual forms of marketing.

Unlike video content, your audience doesn’t need to stare at a screen to consume the information.


Everyone has a voice. Podcasting gives you another way of reaching your target audience and ensuring your voice is heard. It offers an alternative way of sharing content and addressing important topics.


It’s also a growing market, with audiobook sales increasing by 16% in 2020 compared with the previous year.


As smart speakers such as Alexa, Siri rise in popularity, every article that you write is becoming audio content.

Social media audio

If you want to maximise the exposure of your brand’s voice, you should keep your ear to the ground with the latest audio-first social developments. As time goes on, [this type of audio content]( audio is especially effective and is influenced by their intonation.) will only grow and become more sophisticated.

Such content shows that you’re trying to reduce your paper usage and your commitment to creating a greener future.


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