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March Content Calendar For Your Marketing Campaigns

March is the beginning of spring which implies longer days and more daylight.

Many individuals who care about their online media presence and really want to get results, plan their content ahead of time. That is the reason why we are giving you our content calendar for you to track important dates and to not miss them during March.

March 1: Zero Discrimination Day

March 1: Self-Injury Awareness Day

March 1: Independence Movement Day

March 1: Carnival Tuesday

March 1: Town Meeting Day

Mach 1: Republic Day of Switzerland

March 1: World Compliment Day

March 1: Women’s History Month

March 2: Dr. Seuss

March 3: World Wildlife Day

March 4: March 4th and Do Something Day

March 4: Marching Music Day

March 4: Employee Appreciation Day

March 5: Learn What Your Name Means Day

March 7: Be Heard Day

March 8: International Women’s Day

March 9: Decoration Day

March 10: World Kidney Day

March 10: Mario Day

March 13: Daylight Saving Time Starts

March 14: Summer Day in Albania

March 14: Napping Day

March 14: St.Patrick's Day

March 15: Youth Day

March 15:Everything you Think is Wrong Day

March 18: Soldiers Day

March 18: National Awkward Moments Day

March 19: Fathers Day

March 20: March Equinox

March 20: International Day of Happiness

March 20: World Storytelling day

March 21: World Poetry Day

March 21: World Down syndrome Day

March 21: World Harmony Day

March 22: World Water Day

March 23: Day of the Sea

March 23: Puppy Day

March 26: Purple Day

March 26: Earth Hour

March 26: National Spinach day

March 27: Daylight Saving Time

March 27: Mothers Day

Has this social media holiday content calendar left you feeling ready to plan your content? Share our holiday calendar with other businesses that might find this helpful and interesting.


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