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Most popular Reels Trends & Sounds (March 2022)

Have you ever wondered what is trending on Instagram Reels?

If you need help to make your ideas come to life, we gathered some of the most famous Reels sounds for you to use.

1. Trend: I Do Not Have Time For This

Using a clip from Netflix's Inventing Anna, use this audio to make a joke, call yourself out, or share something that people can relate to.

2. Name of Trend: Hidden Talent

This trend is all about showing the before and after of something.

3. Name of the trend: So I’m Addicted To This

This trend is all about calling out something or someone you simply can't live without.

4. Name of Trend: Memories

One of the most used trends.

The most popular Reels Videos with this sound feature one clip with an on-screen note that reads: “Put this sound over a memory you can't stop thinking about.

Audio: Memories

5. Name of Trend: I Think You Should Treat Yourself

This Reels trend is all about enjoying what your heart truly wants.

The heart wants what it wants. The audio itself says “I Think you should treat yourself”

The goal of this trend is to treat yourself because who is going to stop you?

6. Name of Trend: The Internet Isn’t Real Life

This Trend is new but it’s one of the most popular Trends & Audios

This trend gives us the opportunity to show behind-the-scenes content because what you do behind the scenes has more significance than what you do in front of the camera.


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