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The Next Big Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

These days it can be really hard to keep up with Social Media trends.

The biggest trend in digital marketing is the rise of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has already made a huge difference in how brands interact with consumers and how marketing strategies are managed.

We have gathered some of the biggest Digital Marketing Trends for 2022:

Web 3.0 - Basically all you need to know about marketing in 2022 But what is it exactly?

Web 1.0 was when the internet started, the goal of it was to bring digital information to end users and make it searchable (for example you could do some basic shopping).

Web 2.0 is what we have now, with Web 2.0 you can stream content, choose what subtitles you’d like, and you could actually play games with someone on the other side of the world.

Web 3.0 is all about data ownership. So Web 3.0 is basically about how different stakeholders participate in a given internet business ecosystem that retains control over their data.

With Web 3.0 we have a data marketplace and that data is not the genetic test company data.

Identity - a new chapter in the digital world.

To evolve your approach in 2022, start by researching what identity means in your market.

Everywhere, a developing number of associations - from general society and private areas - are propelling frameworks that lay out and confirm computerised personalities for individuals, devices and different elements.

“Digital identity is a powerful force for both positive and negative human experience. To create a digital identity system that is positive and sustainable for the long term we must develop user-centred solutions that enhance user safety, control and benefit”

-Mitchell Baker, Chairwoman of the Board,

Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation

Measurement- a huge chapter in Digital Marketing. As you probably are aware,

the details of your digital strategy should be designed according to the characteristics of your company and your target audience.

To do so, in order to deliver better results to your company, you need to use digital marketing metrics.

We have gathered the top 10 digital marketing metrics for you to use:

1.Total Website visite

2.Bounce Rate

3.Traffic by Channels

4.Inbound Link to Website

5.Exit Rate

6.Interactions per Visit

7.Click-Through Rate

8.Engagement Rate

9.Mobile Traffic

10.Cost per Conversion

It is measured using a combination of variables as a person moves from search query to ad to website.

Shoppable Content-an unusual trend in 2022 that has an effect on Digital Marketing.

You might ask yourself? What is Shoppable Content and how does it affect the digital world?

We have your answer...

Ever since the invention of E-Commerce in 1979, the way people shop has dramatically changed. As the world changes, a new technology enters our world.

The truth is, with everything going digital, online shopping has become nearly worldwide.

"The future of commerce is all about context"

Shoppable content is any type of content that provides a direct purchasing opportunity and allows consumers to add products to cart from what they are viewing.

And why is it Important? - The less steps there are between seeing a product and being able to shop it directly, the higher are the conversion rates.

Relevance- is just as important in the Digital World.

Relevance delivers growth & empowers clients with full-service marketing strategies.

The Metaverse

Mark Zuckerburg recently made headlines with his plans to create a virtual reality version of the internet that replaces how we interact socially online. We look at the origins of the Metaverse, which companies might also become big players, and what areas of your day to day life it might affect.

The metaverse isn’t fully in existence, but some platforms contain metaverse-like elements. Video games currently provide the closest metaverse experience on offer.

At the point when we plan ahead, big tech giants are trying to lead the way.

Although we gathered some of the most popular trends in 2022, we should always keep researching for the only reason that the Digital World will never remain the same.


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